The Gates Vascular Institute and Clinical Translational Research Center


Challenge: Design systems for a "100-year" building devoted to both healthcare delivery and medical R&D on an urban medical campus.

Both the facility's structure and its engineering systems are based on the Universal Grid—a minimally invasive approach to future modifications that is built into the building fabric, which is intended to accommodate the evolution of research and medicine for the next 100 years. By adopting the highly flexible Universal Grid approach, different spaces throughout the facility become capable of supporting a variety of functions—

enhancing patient care, staff performance and operational systems.


The Universal Grid is comprised of three 10'-6" building modules to create a 31'-6" X 31'-6" structural grid—in conjunction with an 18' floor-to-floor height, the Universal Grid creates and open flexible plan that adapts to both rapidly changing technological development as well as future healthcare needs. This approach also facilities installation of new engineering technologies and a conversion of building zones to entirely different functions without modification of "head end" mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.




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